Military Program

Our Mission

High standard ammunition

In the defense sector, we are dedicated to the production of high-performance large-caliber ammunition that meets the strictest requirements of military and defense systems. Our mission is to provide reliable, precise, and effective products that contribute to the safety and operational excellence of our clients.


We continue to develop innovative solutions that meet specific requirements, adapting to the challenges of the contemporary environment.

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If you’d like to learn more about our military sector and large-caliber ammunition production, feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to answer any questions and provide additional information about our products and services in the field of military industry.


Body-shell 125mm KOP

Body forging stabilizer 125mm

Body-shell 100mm M93

Body-shell 120mm RM

Body-shell 125mm HE

Body-shell 125mm

Body-shell forging 76mm M55

Body-shell forging 100mm M93

Body-shell forging 105mm HE Narrowed

Istisnut otkovak 105mm HE

Body-shell forging 120mm RM

Body-shell forging 122mm M 10 GG Modified

Body-shell forging 122mm M 10 GG

Body-shell forging 122mm TF

Body-shell forging 125mm HE

Body-shell forging 125mm KOP

Body-shell forging 125mm


Forging body chamber 128mm