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Premium components, unparalleled commitment

“14.OKTOBAR” is your reliable partner in the production of high-quality wagon components for a wide range of applications. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation in the field of railway component manufacturing, and our civilian program, with a special focus on wheelsets, represents a top of-the line combination of tradition, expertise, and a modern approach.

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Sustainable vision of quality

At the heart of our vision lies the desire to deliver exceptional products that meet the highest quality standards, while respecting ecological principles and sustainability. Through many years of experience, we have become recognized for our reliability and efficiency in fulfilling the needs of our clients.

Quality, Sustainability, Innovation

Progress through innovation

“14. OKTOBAR” prides itself on its dedication to the principles of quality, sustainability, and innovation. Our team of experts continuously works on improving production processes to meet the growing needs of the market. Through the application of the latest technologies and by following trends, we remain leaders in the field of railway component production.

civil program

Wagon bogies

One of the key segments of our production is dedicated to wagon bogies, essential elements of any railway system. We offer a wide range of bogies characterized by exceptional durability, precise manufacturing, and adaptability to various cargo types. Our production technology follows the latest industry standards, thus guaranteeing uncompromising safety and efficiency in operation.

Partnership with Djuro Djakovic

We are proud to highlight our successful cooperation with the renowned Croatian company Djuro Djakovic.

Our products, particularly car cradles, represent a key element of their railway systems. This partnership is the result of the high level of trust we have built over years of working together, a commitment to excellence, and a dedication to providing the best solutions.

civil program

Front cradle car I-II Shimmns-ED

civil program

Unloading cradle 1

civil program

Unloading cradle 2

civil program

Cradle I-II wagons Shimmns - ED

civil program

Cradle II - III wagons Shimmns-ED